Jasper in the snowIn Malaya, 1966At Bishophill Senior, York, 1973At Durham Saddler st excavations  1974Carry , Emma and JayAchir Algeria, excavation teamSutton Hoo; with Prince PhillipSutton Hoo with Seamus HeaneyPortmahomack; with Prince CharlesMartin CarverStafford Clarke Street excavations 1975Stafford St Mary's Grove excavations 1980Stafford Tipping St excavations 1980Stafford Bath St excavations 1980Sutton Hoo Mound 2 1988Sutton Hoo Christopher HawkesSutton Hoo recovery levelsSutton Hoo GP Radar 1984Sutton Hoo 'sandmen' 8th centurySutton Hoo 'sandman' 8th centurySutton Hoo John Hurst and Philip RahtzSutton Hoo; with Ole Crumlin PedersenSutton Hoo 50th anniversary dinnerSutton Hoo Research Trust 1988Sutton Hoo Charles Phillips and Norman ScarfeSutton Hoo; Ian Hodder and Christine HastorfSutton Hoo; filming with Ray Sutcliffe and BBCChalton; my house 1972Sutton Hoo Mound 17; Annette RoePortmahomack 8th century workshops and St Colmans ChurchPortmahomack - aerialPortmahomack; excavations in the church 1997Portmahomack; excavations in the church 1997; cist burialPortmahomack; Kate excavating the 'Calf Stone'Portmahomack; excavating Structure 1 in 2002Portmahomack; 'Apostle' Stone rectoPortmahomack; 'Apostle' stone versoDr Madeleine Hummler