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I was an Army Officer for 15 years (Royal Tank Regiment), a Commercial Archaeologist for 13 years (just as it was starting), Professor of Archaeology at the University of York for 22 years and Editor of Antiquity for 10 years. Since 2008 I have been a full-time professional researcher, writer, public speaker and broadcaster.

My research has been mainly in England, Scotland, France, Italy and Algeria - my more prominent excavations were at the seventh-century royal burial ground at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk and the eighth-century Pictish Monastery at Portmahomack, Easter Ross. In 2014 I began a new project 'Sicily in Transition' (SICTRANSIT for short) in partnership with Alessandra Molinari of the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Like the other two, this project is concerned with what happens to people when a new regime is imposed on them.

I am Professor emeritus at the University of York and Chairman of the commercial archaeology company FAS-Heritage Ltd. Contact me at email martin.carver [at]

I live in Ellerton, East Yorkshire with Madeleine Hummler an archaeologist, translator (French, German, Italian) and editor. Contact her on madeleine.hummler [at]

Martin Carver

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Father: John Hobart Carver, Colonel (Royal Engineers, Bengal Sappers and Miners, Ghurkha Engineers). Mother: Jocelyn Louisa Grace Tweedie.
Grandparents: Oswald Armitage Carver (killed at Gallipoli 1915)= Betty Hobart, artist= Bernard Montgomery Field Marshal; Hugh Justin Tweedie, Admiral=Constance Marion Crossman


The Sutton Hoo. A seventh-century princely burial ground and its context publication is available for public download via the links below.

This book was published in...

FORMATIVE BRITAIN came out from Routledge on 31 January 2019 after 10 years in the making. It offers a synthesis of the history of the whole island of Britain from the Fifth to...

An up-to-date account of the archaeological explorations of the Sutton Hoo site, its three cemeteries of the 6th, 7th and 8-10th centuries,
their historical roles in the Deben Valley, in...

The final report of the Portmahomack campaign by Martin Carver, Justin Garner-Lahire and Cecily Spall, co-directors.

Discoveries at Portmahomack in Easter Ross (1994 to 2008) were initially...

Second edition fully revised in sync with the final report

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