Portmahomack report now online
Sat 13th July 2019

The full Portmahomack report by Carver, Garner-Lahire and Spall is now on line at

It is on open access. Thanks to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland!

FORMATIVE BRITAIN to be launched at EAA
Sat 13th July 2019

Formative Britain is to be launched at the MERC round table at EAA on Friday 6 Sep 1400-1600 at Bern

Wed 13th February 2019

National Trust Sutton Hoo Museum
Standby for a makeover to the Sutton Hoo on site display - should open in April

Reconstruction of the Mound 1 ship
The Ship's Company is forging ahead under the leadership of Philip Leech. The "Long Shed" long enough for the ship (30m) has been fitted out on Whisstocks old yard on the waterfront of the River Deben in Woodbridge. A blueprint for the build was given a thorough...

Wed 13th February 2019

FORMATIVE BRITAIN came out from Routledge on 31 January 2019 after 10 years in the making. It offers a synthesis of the history of the whole island of Britain from the Fifth to the Eleventh century (c400-1100AD), using archaeology alone. It reviews the surviving prehistoric and Roman landscape (Inheritance), the appearance of peoples (Looking for Personhood), the forms of settlements (Working from Home), the role of burial grounds (Addressing...

Portmahomack final report published
Fri 12th August 2016

The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland published the 500 page account of the Portmahomack campaign in the spring of 2016. It contains numerous illustrations and expert contributions and can be obtained from the Society's website at

Field Archaeology from around the World published
Wed 03rd December 2014

This is a compendium of case studies put together with help of Sandra Monton and Bisserka Gaydarska and featuring lots of different field archaeologists. FIND IT at

Sicily Project takes off
Mon 27th October 2014

Sicily in Transition a joint project between University of York and Rome (Tor Vergata) began on 1 Sep 2014 under the direction of Alessandra Molinari (Rome) and Martin Carver York). For outline report on the first season see

On the Pilgrim Trail - Tarbat on TV this Christmas
Mon 16th December 2013

Look out for Triple Echo's PILGRIM TRAIL featuring famous Highland hillwalker Cameron MacNeish striding from Iona to Portmahomack -- where he meets us. Broadcast on BBC 2 Scotland 26 December (Boxing Day) at 1815 with part 2 at 1830 on 27 December. Also on iplayer, Sky and Freesat.

MERC at Pilsen 4-6 Sep 2013
Mon 16th December 2013

Great meeting for medievalists at EAA Pilsen. MERC functioning well and looking good for the future. Look forward to seeing you all at Istanbul 8-12 September 2014

MERC merges with EAA
Sat 07th September 2013

At its meeting on 4 sep 2013 MERC (Medieval Europe Research Committee) resolved to integrate fully with EAA (Europe Association of Archaeologists), follow its procedures and have a resence at its conference every year. We are now gearing up for Istanbul, where we are hoping for lots of sessions on the first and second millennia AD. Please contact Dries Tys (Dries.Tys [at] or go to our MERC facebook group.