Sutton Hoo. A seventh-century princely burial ground and its context

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The Sutton Hoo. A seventh-century princely burial ground and its context publication is available for public download via the links below.

This book was published in 2005 by the British Museum Press and The Society of Antiquaries of London (ISBN-13 978-0-7141-2322-6 ISBN-10 0-7141-2322-6).

It is Society of Antiquaries Research Report no. 69

The authors are grateful to the Society and to the British Museum for permission to make the book available on open access to the scholarly community

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  • Photographs by Nigel Macbeth. Text by Martin Carver except as indicated. Edited by Martin Carver

    Chapter 1: Five Campaigns: The exploration of Sutton Hoo

    Chapter 2: Project Design (1983-6): Evaluation and the resulting research and management programmes

    Chapter 3: Fieldwork and analysis (1986-2001): Conditions, techniques and results of excavation

    Chapter 4: Cremation Burials: Mounds 3,4,5,6,7 and 18 and Burials 13 and 14

    Chapter 5: Furnished Inhumations: Mounds 14 and 17; Burials 12,15,16 and 56

    Chapter 6: Ship Burials: Mound 2, with a reconsideration of Mound 1

    Chapter 7: Seventh Century Assemblages (by Angela Evans)

    Chapter 8: The seventh-century burial rites and their sequence (with Chris Fern)

    Chapter 9: Execution burials of the eighth to eleventh centuries

    Chapter 10: Environment and site formation (with Charles French and Rob Scaife)

    Chapter 11: Before Sutton Hoo: The Prehistoric Settlement (c3000BC to AD550) (by Madeleine Hummler)

    Chapter 12: After Sutton Hoo: Farming and excavation campaigns from the twelfth to the twentieth century

    Chapter 13: Survey in the Deben Valley, including the excavation of the Tranmer House cemetery ( by John Newman)

    Chapter 14: Sutton Hoo in Context