Media interest in Sutton Hoo following the launch of the film The Dig

The great success of the Netflix film The Dig, with stars Carey Mulligan as Mrs Edith Pretty and Ralph Fiennes as Basil Brown stoked interest in the longer Sutton Hoo story after 1939. Here is a list of the requests for information.........

21 Jan 21 Premier Virtual Screening of The Dig. Martin Carver was consulted by Director Simon Stone and Ralph Fiennes

27 Jan 21 BBC History Extra blog (Dave Musgrove) by Martin Carver, University of York
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03 Feb 21 The Daily Telegraph ‘After The Dig: how the discoveries Sutton Hoo rewrote our cultural history’ (Susannah Goldsbrough) Featuring Martin Carver (University of York) and Sue Brunning (British Museum).

16 Feb 21 Sunday Mirror. Request for interview (Laura Connor, ex York student) not followed up

18 Feb 21 Radio West Fife invitation from Donald Malkin. Broadcast discussion for Saturday community broadcast.

18 Feb 21 The Spectator invitation from Max Jeffery to 15 min zoom podcast.

24 Feb 21 Sapiens (Nicola Jones)Article by Martin Carver University of York in Sapiens online Anthropology Magazine -Archaeology, Biology, Culture, Language
“Sutton Hoo’s Story goes deeper than The Dig” 96222 views by 27 Feb 21

3 March 21 Archaeological Institute of America. Invitation from its president Laetitia La Follette to a 15 minute zoom podcast