The Archaeology of Medieval Europe Vol 2: Twelfth to Sixteenth Centuries

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Comprehensive multi-author review of the archaeology of Medieval Europe twelfth to sixteenth centuries

Edited by Martin Carver and Jan Klapste
Sixty eight contributors, 605 pp numerous illustrations

It includes the archaeology of towns, villages, castles, ships and describes the material remains of Christian, Jewish and Islamic cultures.


Part 1: Aims and Methods
Part 2: HABITAT. Ch 2 The Medieval Landscape; Ch 3 Living on the Land; Ch 4 Housing; Ch 5 Material Culture - artefacts and daily life
Part 3: POWER. Ch 6 Archaeologies of Coercion, castles and fortifications; Ch 7 Manufacture and Production; Ch 8 The Rising Tide of Travel and Trade; Ch 9 Towns
Part 4: SPIRITUALITY, Ch 10 Archaeologies of Belief; Ch 11 Religious Buildings; Ch 12: Life, Death and Memory.

Published by The University of Aarhus Press, Langelandsgade, 177, Aarhus, DK-8200

ISBN 978 87 7934 289 7
ISBN 978 87 7934 291 0 [pbk]