Arguments in Stone

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The Reinvention of the town in Europe

The Dalrymple Lectures delivered at Glasgow in 1990 were dedicated to the understanding of the early Medieval (ie Post-Roman) town in Europe. Martin Carver here mounted an assault against the mindless recording of "rescue" sites in European towns and insisted on a return to well designed research-led investigations. He divides the agenda into three - the message of urban space, the message of the urban sequence and the message symbolism. The town is portrayed as an idea, inherited from the imperial Roman world, which returns with the equally imperial Christian world. Urban alternatives briefly reigned in the seventh century, in the form of unregulated, untaxed trade, investment in rural palaces and monasteries and out-of-town monumentality in the form of burial mounds.

Chapter 1: Definitions of value: reinstating research in the European City

Chapter 2: Authority and Cult: research on urban space

Chapter 3: Amenity versus Enterprise: research on urban continuity

Chapter 4: The Image War: research on urban symbolism

Chapter 5: Living with the argument: the management of research in towns

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